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Chord & Lyric Boys N Root - HAPPY DAY


Song & Lyric : Joe_Dread

Intro :  A E D E (2x)

    A                                 E
           I wake up in the morning ..Yeah...
    D                                     E
           When I see the sun is shinning
    A                            E
           And I feel so excited ..uhh..
    D                                  E
           So I wish this is my happy day

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   A                                     E
           Walking around this city
   D                                      E
           Meet so many people friendly
   A                              E
           The sun's goes down now
   D                             E
           But I have the light tonite

Bridge :  D           E                Fm
                Try to leave all my troubles
              D                                 E
                And I'll try to find my way .. yeah yeah...

Reff :                        A
                Come on sing everybody
                Let's dancing in this city
                With the shine of the moonlight
                We've got party together


D E A    D E Fm

D E A  (3x)
D E Fm

A E D E (2x)

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